What will Belle la Vie be like?

We invite you to watch our short, 5-minute video “A Day in the Life”, which provides some general information.  We are strategically located within 15-minutes of 85% all existing and future employment centers in East Gulfport and Biloxi.  More information will follow with the re-launching of our full website, but rest assured, our MISSION of “Preserving Gulf Coast Heritage While Providing Smart Growth Solutions” will be met.

When can I move into my new home in Belle la Vie?

Belle la Vie is a well designed and carefully thought out Master planned community that will be developed over a 15-year timeframe in accordance with market absorption and demand.  Conservatively speaking, homes should begin to come online, meeting the needs of Gulf South residents within 2-3 years, which should coincide nicely with the Gulfport Port and other projected employment opportunities.

Will neighboring tax-payers support development efforts at Belle la Vie?

No, the community is self-sustaining.  Infrastructure, amenities, and                costs will be supported by the developer and paid for by the residents of Belle la Vie.  In fact, the development of the community will result in $17-million in ANNUAL positive tax revenue that will benefit the City, County, School District and State.

How are traffic issues being addressed?

$5-million dollars of development funded internal trunk roads will ensure smooth vehicular flows and even traffic dispersal to main thoroughfares that are capable of handling the traffic increase.  In addition, Belle la Vie has a total of seven points of ingress and egress.  Finally, tax revenue generated by the community will be more than sufficient to pay for any necessary road improvements and maintenance outside the community.

How will the community help to pay for top notched schools?

The school system will receive a substantial portion (over $4.2-million) of the annual tax revenues generated by the  community.  It is important to remember that Belle la Vie is a 15-year phased project and accordingly, the school district will have more than enough lead-time and available finances to meet the educational needs of our growing population.

How will Belle la Vie cause neighboring property values to increase?

Historically, Master Planned Communities have a positive effect on neighboring property values.  In most cases property values accelerate more rapidly than before development occurs, depending on the proximity of the property to the Master Planned Community, its zoning and land use.

We invite you to send your questions and comments to us for prompt response at info@BLV-TheBeautifulLife.com, we may even answer your question here in our forum.